10 Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Often small bathrooms are overlooked when considering a home renovation. But with the right ideas your small bathroom can be a stunning statement of your personal style.

There are many different ways to freshen up a small powder or ensuite bathroom. domilya GROUP can help you with creative ideas for a bathroom that you will love.

Think Big Ideas – Small Bathrooms

1. Mirrors

Anywhere that mirrors can be placed will immediately open up a small space. Try mirrored cabinets or a mirrored wall. Even something simple as a big mirror above the vanity will make a huge difference in your small bathroom.

2. Think Vertical

Storage does not need to follow the conventional closed-door vanities or bulky cabinets of the past but can be custom built from floor to ceiling. Keep the cabinets simple, maybe even incorporating open storage or floating shelves instead of large cabinets that can make bathrooms appear smaller. Height gives the illusion of space.

3. Lose The Tub

If it works for your plan removing a traditional tub will provide you more square footage in your small bathroom. Glass shower walls are also ideal to keep the lines clean and continuous. Shower curtains often make a room appear smaller. If a tub is a necessity in your small bathroom, than consider replacing that old tub with a smaller, claw-footed soaker to help maximize your space.

4. Flooring

Patterned tiles can pack a visual interest into a tiny space while adding a sense of style underfoot. With this idea it is best to keep the walls simply painted as not to overwhelm the senses.

5. Neutral Paint Colours

Using neutral paint on the walls or white marbled tiles will help create a sense of cleanliness, space and showcase the other features of your bathroom.

6. Sinks

There are many different ways to open up a small bathroom and choosing the right sink is one of them. A free-floating or simple pedestal vanity will free up valuable floor real estate. Oval sinks give the illusion of space, as do longer sinks.

7. Hardware

By keeping your cabinets simple and light go ahead and invest in high-end hardware. This will give your small bathroom a touch of luxury.

8. Consider A Wall-Mounted Toilet

A new trend in small bathrooms is wall-mounted toilets. Any space you can free up for wall shelves or floor space is ideal in a small room.

9. Open Entry

The absence of a traditional door works well with small ensuite bathrooms. You can either remove the door altogether to make a seamless room, install a sliding door on a rail or even install a pocket door. Any of these options will open up a small bathroom.

10. Change The Floor Plan

If your budget allows get rid of that cramped floor plan, outdated finishes and remodel the whole room. Have you considered adding a skylight? Anything is possible.

With over ten years of experience in redesigning bathrooms, domilya GROUP will work with you and transform your small bathroom to a room that you will love. Contact us today, let’s discuss your ideas and make your dreams a reality.

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