5 Fun Decorating Ideas

You don’t have to make huge changes to freshen up your space – sometimes all it takes is some fun decoration ideas.

Here are some fabulous tips from HouseBeautiful.

1) Use your dining table for an art display – whether it’s a collection of pottery or funky figurines or wooden masks, you can arrange an array of items on your dining table. Just remember to dust them regularly!

2) Try hanging a curtain within a room (not just on the windows) – for example, if you have an open-concept kitchen/dining room, you could hang a curtain from the ceiling and use it as a way to section off the two, turning the dining area into its own separate space and, if you’ve just been preparing for a big dinner, you can use it to block the stack of dirty pots and pans from view.

3) Mix and match your bedding – freshen up your bedrooms by changing up your sheets and duvets. Go for a range of patterns, colours, and don’t be afraid to do something that might seem really different – try stripes paired with florals, whatever strikes your fancy.

4) Plates on a wall – it sounds weird, we know, but it looks super cool. Arrange different shapes and sizes of plates/platters and you can create your own art piece.

5) Try wallpaper on vinyl window shades – it’ll feel like you’ve just bought brand new shades – and there’s so much variety for you to choose from. Pick your favourite wallpaper pattern and have at it! A great idea for teens who want to upgrade their bedrooms too.

For photos of all these great ideas, and some more genius suggestions, check out the HouseBeautiful gallery here.