5 Home Renovation Trends For 2017

If you’ve got home renovations on your 2017 to do list, you’ll want to read what trends are shaping the industry as we embark upon a new year. As you build your renovation wish list, consider what changes may influence your decisions and what renovation constants you can still count on. Whether you hope to renovate the kitchen, bathrooms, basement or take on a large addition or whole home renovation, working with a trusted and professional contractor is still sage advice and should always be a trend to follow!

2017 Home Renovation Trends


  1. Baby Boomer Extensions

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, they are modifying their homes to suit their changing needs. Accessibility marks a big home renovation change in 2017 so that people can stay in their homes as they grow older. From simple things such as making transitions between rooms smoother to removing stairs to create open designs, Baby Boomer home owners have their eye on extending the years they spend in their homes.

Bathroom renovations are a popular open when it comes to renovating for accessibility and common updates include removing the bathtub and installing walk in showers with seating and using higher toilets.

  1. Open concept kitchens

This trend is not new but will continue to drive home renovation plans in 2017. Open kitchens eliminate isolation between cooking and family space and support the desire to have families spending time together. One of the ways this trend comes together is by connecting spaces using an island or table type seating with sight lines into a family or living room.

If it’s time for a kitchen renovation, find a contractor that can work with your space and give you the open concept kitchen that will change the way you use your home.

  1. Attic Spaces

While many home owners are choosing to stay and renovate over jumping into a very hot real estate market, they are inspired to use every possible inch of their home. Attic spaces can be very cozy space, perfect for a bedroom or an added family zone, renovators and designs are having lots of fun making these spaces work for home owners.

  1. Smart Homes

Technology influences just about every part of our lives, and home renovation is no different. While the market sees fridges that can tell you when you are out of milk and contractors are adding lights that can be controlled remotely, technology will be involved in 2017 renovations. Basement renovations will continue to see impressive lighting options, home theatres and sound systems that will impress friends and family as well as heating and air conditioning technology upgrades that save home owners money.

  1. Laundry rooms

Home owners are willing to invest money in order to create a functional and efficient laundry room that also offers storage space and organizational support for the home.


As new home renovation trends continue to surface, domilya GROUP is excited to work with Oakville. Burlington and Mississauga area home owners to make their home renovation dreams a reality! Contact us today to get the conversation started and find out what we can do for you.