5 Steps To Creating The Ultimate Home Office

Renovating to create a home office is becoming an increasingly popular home improvement project.  Working from home is on the rise, as more companies located in big cities like Mississauga and Toronto, support flexible hours, telecommuting and a better work/life balance. The most successful home offices are dedicated spaces that allow for minimal distractions and time to focus. Luckily, there are many creative design and renovation options that can help home owners achieve this task, so start making your home office renovation wish list!

The first thing to do when you are craving an office space at home is to look around your house. Most people are surprised to realize that there is a space or a room that has been underutilized that would be perfect for an office. Whether it’s a corner in a guest bedroom or unused space under the stairs, with the right renovation team, wasted space can be made into something comfortable and functional.

Bringing Your Home Office Together

Once you have decided the best place for your new home office, there are five key areas to consider that will help create a space you love.

Make It Functional

Take the time to communicate to your home renovator and designer the type of work you do and how you do it. Your daily work and the things you prioritize should influence the design and set up of the space. If you do a lot of printing, creating a custom printing station can really make all the difference in making the best use of the space you have, and ultimately, increase your productivity.

Make It Yours

Just because your home office is inside your home, don’t be afraid to be bold with your design choices. A pop of colour can make you feel more motivated or you may choose to pick soft and serene hues that create a calm environment.

Dark wooden wall home office with a wooden floor, a desktop and a white chair near a computer table. Bookshelves, side. 3d rendering mock up

Storage And More Storage

Even if your home office doesn’t have a ton of square footage, there are so many ways to get creative when it comes to storage. Use all the vertical and horizontal space you have and invest in custom storage solutions that will use the space in the best way possible.

Let There Be Light

Proper lighting is key to ensure you’re not straining your eyes and that your space is well lit for maximum productivity. Installing overhead lights or sconces, as well as a desk lamp, will ensure proper lighting regardless of whether you are working during the day or at night.

Add Technology  

A solid design plan will take into account all the technology and equipment you need in your home office. Make sure that outlets are plentiful and well placed, making them easy to access. In addition, installing outlets that come with USB ports is a simple way to embrace technology and make the space more functional. You will also want to ensure that your desk space or connecting space has enough room to house things like a router, a desktop or laptop computer, a speaker, and any other devices that you will need to do your job from home.

Create Your Ideal Home Office With domilya GROUP 

If you are going to be spending less time in your Mississauga or Toronto office, and more time working from home, it’s time to invest in a productive and functional home office space. domilya GROUP understands how important it is to get the most out of your home renovations. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction – every time. When you’re ready to create an office in your home that will work for you, call us at (647) 264-6387.