7 Steps to Prepare for a Basement Renovation

A basement renovation is perhaps one of the most versatile projects you can undertake. There are so many different things you can do with a basement! At domilya GROUP we specialize in basement renovation services so here are some basement ideas and our seven steps to help you prepare for your own basement renovation.

  1. First of all, ask yourself: “Is this the right house for me to be doing a basement renovation?” Make sure this renovation is going to be worth the investment. Think about how long you plan to stay in the house, if you plan to sell it or turn it into a rental property, etc.
  2. Next, consider all the possibilities and decide what you’d like to do. There are so many basement renovation ideas out there. You could turn a basement into a home theatre, a home office, a kids’ playroom, a meditation sanctuary, an arts and crafts room or a home gym.
  3. Consider and prepare for any setbacks. Once the builders start working on the basement, they may find mould or water damage. You may need to add an extra entrance/exit, install better lighting, put in smoke alarms, etc. Be prepared, mentally and financially for potential surprises.
  4. Make a plan. Once you’ve decided on your basement renovation project, you can start creating a plan. Think about the layout of the basement, if you’ll need to add plumbing, whether or not there will be a carpet, the colours of the walls, etc. *If you’re going to be turning your basement into a rental property, see our related blog post.
  5. Research, choose and hire a contractor. Your contractor will be able to help you make a more comprehensive plan for the project, giving you a basement renovation cost estimate, time estimate and creative ideas.
  6. Make a realistic budget. It’s important to know where you stand financially before starting a home renovation project. Your contractor can help give you an idea of what all the costs will be so you can create a realistic budget.
  7. Prepare the house, yourself and anyone you live with. A renovation is a big event. If the entrance to your basement is a common entrance (not a separate one from outside) you will have builders and workers coming in and out of your home. You will be dealing with noise and messes. Coordinate with your contractor to ensure a stress-free renovation.

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