8 Tips For Small Kitchen Renovations

If you can’t or don’t want to increase the size of your kitchen, there are still things you can do to maximize the space and make it work smarter for your everyday use. When moving walls or changing structure isn’t an option, start by really taking stock of what you do have to work with and then find a top quality kitchen renovator that knows how to maximize space and function.

While Pinterest and design magazines may inspire you to add features to your kitchen such as desk space or counter space for a coffee station, small kitchen renovations need to focus on the basics. When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, prioritize the main function of a kitchen – meal prep and cooking.

So how do you ensure that your small kitchen renovation is an improvement over what you currently have?

8 Things To Consider Before You Firm Up Any Renovation Plans

  1. A small scale island or counter-topped cart. Even in a small kitchen space, an island or a counter topped cart can still be part of your finished renovation adding needed prep space.
  2. Trade top cupboards for open spaces. Small spaces with high cabinets on top can make your space feel closed in and tight.
  3. Mix Up Your Finishes. While you may not be able to create a wow factor based on architectural design, you can still take the time to incorporate unique finishes and textures in a small space. In fact, because you aren’t covering large spaces, making a more luxurious pick when it comes to tile or countertop won’t break the bank like it might if you were finishing a large sized kitchen.
  4. Maximize What You See. If you do opt for upper cabinets, using glass doors is a great way to still keep an open feel. You can also use mirrors to give the space a bigger feel.
  5. Light It Up. Lighting is always important for any renovation so don’t underestimate the power it can have even in a small space. Incandescent lighting can do great things to warm up a small space.
  6. Colour Pops. Many people think they need to shy away from bold colour choices in small spaces, not so! A pop of colour can add design flair and really finish off the space. Don’t be afraid to explore bold colour choices.
  7. Smart Storage. Kitchen designs have come a long way and if you are working with a small space, you might as well take advantage of the options out there. Pull out drawers, drawers and cabinets with built in organizers – do some research into space saving options.
  8. Customize. A great contractor can come up with sound solutions on how to use every inch of space. Don’t be afraid to ask contractors for their ideas or for examples of past projects they have done that show an understanding of making small spaces work.


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