A Basement Contractor Can Get Your Basement Winter Ready


Did you know that uninsulated walls in your unfinished basement can result in significant heating loss over the cold winter months? As Ontario hydro prices continue to rise, it may be time to find a professional basement contractor to finish your basement and reduce wasted energy that comes from heating an uninsulated space.

If you have an unfinished basement, a contractor with expertise in basement renovations can help you address the following issues and better prepare the space for another long winter.

Winterize Your Basement

  • Insulation. Your basement contractor can discuss with you what type of insulation will best keep the heat in your home. Adding insulation to your basement ceiling and/or walls as well as what R-value they recommend are ways to minimize heating loss. They can also address any need to fill in drafts that allow heat to escape.
  • Waterproofing. While there will be many days below freezing, winter can also bring an array of wet weather as we fluctuate between snow fall, mild days that create thawing and deep freeze temperatures. Proper waterproofing will reduce mould and mildew occurrences as well. In order to minimize any issues from flooding due to winter weather, your basement contractor can advise you on:
    • Subfloor and draining systems
    • Waterproof membranes
    • Exterior grading
  • Cold floors. Your basement contractor can provide information on flooring choices that help to maintain a higher temperature and that can reduce moisture and humidity under the floor.
  • Maximizing your space. Let’s face it, winter means more time inside. Renovating your basement can provide a huge increase in living space.

Find The Right Basement Contractor

Choosing a basement contractor that knows how to properly ensure that your basement renovation will be secure and dry when finished is a top priority. Finishing your basement is one of the best ways to increase living space while simultaneously adding value to your property, so make sure it gets done correctly. When you choose to invest in your home, make sure you have a contractor that is committed to keeping your basement renovation project on time and on budget, this will certainly make the process less stressful.

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