Benefits of Renovating Your Basement

At domilya GROUP, we specialize in basement renovation services. We know it’s a room often abandoned, used just for storage – but it can be so much more. Why not make every room in your home work for you? Your home should serve your purpose, suit your needs.

If you’re not quite sure what to do with your basement, but you’re thinking of renovating it, here are some suggestions.

  • Extra living room – turn your basement into a cozy space, perfect for quiet couple’s/family time or great for entertaining.
  • Entertainment space/movie den – the basement is a great spot for a sound system, big screen TV, etc. The natural darkness of basements makes it perfect for that movie-theatre feeling. You could outfit the room with soundproofing, comfy seating, even a bar and/or popcorn machine.
  • Guest bedroom – your basement could become a comfy, private guest bedroom, perfect for when you have people stay over.
  • Home gym – why not make the room a workout space?
  • Home office – if you work from home, the basement could become your new office.
  • Library – store all your books down in the basement in custom bookshelves and create a cozy reading space.
  • Kids’ playroom – keep the kids’ toys confined to one room by turning the basement into a playroom.

These are just some of the many basement finishing options. You can turn your basement into whatever functional space you need it to be – dream big!

If you’re looking to renovate an Oakville basement, give us a call at (647) 264-6387. We offer free consultations and would be happy to discuss your basement finishing project ideas with you.