Custom Renovation

How To Renovate Your Laundry Room

Not only can an upgraded laundry room make it easier for you to do laundry, but in many cases, additional storage or functionality can be incorporated into the space.

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Basement Renovation

Budgeting for Winter Renovations

Due to the holiday season, homeowners may also feel that the funds they can dedicate to a renovation in the winter months is limited. However, there are lots of ways to budget for winter renovations!

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Home Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Trends That Will Last

Think about trends in terms of the value they bring to your life and your home. There is nothing wrong with using trends as inspiration for your renovation, but choose wisely! There are many trends that have a lot of staying power because they either address a specific need, offer flexibility or provide a timeless design.

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Bathroom Renovation

Water Resistant Flooring Options For Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing flooring for your bathroom renovation, it can be tough to come to a final decision. In addition to wanting your bathroom flooring to look good and complement the other chosen design finishes, it also has to stand up against water, moisture and humidity.

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