Bold Trends Influencing 2018 Luxury Kitchen Renovations

What does the kitchen of your dreams look like? Are you an avid chef or a frequent host that dreams of more space and high-end features? Some of the most popular home and design trends for 2018 are focused on revamping the busiest room in the home – the kitchen. There are many bold trends showing up this New Year, and the ability to incorporate luxury features into kitchen renovations will make design dreams come true for many home owners in 2018.

A kitchen renovation can include a total reconfiguration of the space or simply an update of the aesthetics and design features in the room.  Either way, take a look at some of the luxury kitchen trends that are influencing kitchen renovations this year.

Luxury Kitchen Renovation Trends To Watch

Clutter-Free Counters

Having a decluttered kitchen is a top priority for homeowners in 2018. High end kitchens will come equipped with a place to put everything away which means custom storage is a must. Walk in pantries or a butler’s pantry, small appliance garages, broom closets and storage spaces that have been designed to accommodate every piece of kitchen equipment, such as cookie sheets and serving trays, are functional priorities.

Smart Kitchens

Technology continues to be a key factor when designing luxury, modern kitchens. There is plenty of opportunity to integrate new electronics, such as wireless speakers and appliances with high-tech features like wireless or voice activated controls.

Built-In Pet Friendly Spaces

Add a special touch to your kitchen by incorporating a feeding station for your pet. Built in to the end of a cabinet or in the corner, this custom addition can accommodate pet food storage, a feeding station, toys, and anything else your pet might like.  Kitchen islands can even be designed with a built-in pet bed underneath the countertop.

Countertops With Texture And Character

Polished countertop slabs are no longer the only look of luxury.  High end kitchens are using different finishes to change the look of countertops. A honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine and works well with marble, which happens to be a top countertop choice for 2018.  A leathered finish countertop is another option. It produces a soft sheen that retains stone’s natural color giving it a very sophisticated look. To add even more personality and character, pick countertops with veins displayed in interesting swirled patterns.

Dedicated Baking And Chopping Spaces

For large and busy kitchens, having a lower counter that supports more complicated cooking and baking recipes is ideal. Watch for homes with avid home cooks or big entertainers to include a dedicated chopping and baking station that can be created as a continuation of a larger, standard-height island.

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