How To Choose Hardwood Floors

Whether it’s part of a major home renovation or just a flooring upgrade, choosing the right hardwood floors for your home is a big decision.

There are many options when it comes to hardwood flooring and you should take the time to review the choices to determine which one meets your needs. The main categories you will have to decide on when choosing hardwood floors are:

  • Type Of Wood – engineered or solid wood
  • Colour – light, dark or something in between
  • Texture & Finish – shiny or matte, distressed or hand scraped
  • Width – narrow or wide

While you may have your ideal type of hardwood floor already on your renovation wish list, keep in mind that the location and condition of the floor you’re replacing or installing will have a huge impact on what kind of wood you can use.

Answering the following questions will really help you select the best hardwood floors for your project.


  1. Where is the floor in the home? Engineered hardwood is the best selection for a basement due to the moisture you can find in most spaces below grade. Main floor living spaces are usually the highest traffic areas in the home and would be best with a very durable hardwood like red oak. Different grain patterns, stains and finishes can hide dents and scratches – a good option for busy households.


  1. What subfloor are you dealing with? As mentioned above, the subfloor is a big influencer in choosing hardwood floor. Concrete subfloor usually results in engineered hardwood, while plywood subfloor allows for lots of options when it comes to solid wood flooring choices.


  1. What’s your style? Take inventory of the other design elements in your home including wall paint, cabinet colours and any trimwork. The colour of the floor can really influence the feel of the home so you need to know if you would be okay with dark floors or if you want to go with something lighter to brighten things up. Do you prefer a matte or shiny finish?


Because hardwood floors will usually be installed throughout a home or in large areas, it is a good idea to ask for a 2- by 2-foot sample of what the floor will look like once installed. It is really hard to imagine how things will look based on a tiny sample or just a photo. Use the large sample in your home to pair it with your paint and decor and make sure the end result is what you are after.

Work With A Professional

Working with an experienced home renovation company can make your decision making process easier. Not only can your contractor make suggestions based on other features and fixtures you have chosen for your home, but they can also ensure that the floors are properly installed and finished as you have requested. domilya GROUP has more than a decade of experience in the Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington area doing basement, kitchen and custom renovations. We would be happy to help you create the space you’ve dreamed of – contact us today at (647) 264-6387 for your free estimate.