Create a Beautiful Home Library

Love books and reading? Why not showcase your collection in a separate room full of great shelving, complete with a cozy reading nook?

One of our specialties as a home improvement contractor is renovating basements. We do all kinds of home renovations in Mississauga and across the Halton Peel region, but basements are perhaps one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a home, and quite possibly one of the most versatile. You can turn a basement into just about anything!

One fabulous idea for renovating your basement is to create a beautiful home library. A book collection is something to be cherished, and no doubt is becoming more and more rare with the advancement of e-readers and other technology.

The possibilities with basement libraries are endless. You could line your walls with floor-to-ceiling shelving units, or get creative with it – mount single floating wall shelves at staggered points, creating a beautiful display of your books.

Then build a warm, cozy corner, complete with ample lighting and a sofa, daybed or even just an armchair – the perfect place to curl up with your latest read and get lost in the pages.

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