Create Your Ideal Commercial Office Space

Is your law firm ready to make a commercial renovation? Is 2016 the year that your lease comes up for renewal? If so, domilya GROUP can help refresh your current commercial office space.

Or perhaps your law firm is growing and requires relocation? Then, this year, is the opportunity to custom renovate your own commercial space.

Current renovation trends are moving away from traditional commercial office renovations. Several law firms are moving towards streamlined, modern designs that take into account the flexibility required to balance privacy and an open working environment. In most offices today, these commercial design trends are in high demand.

A few ideas to keep in mind when thinking about a commercial renovation project:

  • What is your commercial office space used for? Collaborative group meetings between different departments? Client meetings? Both?
  • With more people working from outside the office, how much time does your staff spend in the workplace? Is a larger eating area to promote discussion and socialization with all members of the firm something to consider?
  • With most consultations being held on phone and email, how much of your floor plan do you actually require for client consultations or meetings?

With the consolidation of law services, shared office spaces and collaborative work environments becoming the norm, domilya GROUP is cognizant that a law firm has specific needs requiring areas where private and confidential matters can be discussed. domilya’s commercial contractors can help you achieve a modern balance with a fresh new approach to office design.

In a set up such as a law firm, where several meetings happen at the same time, privacy and security of data are key elements in a commercial renovation project. When domilya GROUP design experts evaluate your needs, we look at the usage of space to come up with the ideas and solutions that create a productive, workable space that will grow with your firm.

Call us today to connect with domilya GROUP to discuss your commercial renovation plans for your business. With over ten years experience and a roster of talented commercial renovation experts, domilya GROUP will help you create your vision.