Endless Possibilities: What Your Basement Could Become

Basement renovations are popular with our clients, perhaps because they are so versatile. The basement is really an incredible space that can become so many things and has so many uses. If you’re thinking about starting a basement renovation in Oakville or Mississauga, here are some ideas of what you could do with that space beneath your floorboards.

Home theatre – The basement is perfect for a home theatre – it’s dark and quiet, exactly what you need for an immersive movie experience. This is definitely a good idea if you want to start a basement finishing project in Oakville or Mississauga. Comfy seating is a must, and maybe a mini-fridge and a place to plug in the popcorn popper?
Kids’ playroom – Tired of stepping on your kids’ toys up in the living room? You could turn the basement into a kids’ playroom and keep all their toys confined to one space. This is a great choice for families wanting to renovate their basements in Mississauga and Oakville.
Home office – An Oakville basement renovation is often focused on turning the space into a home office. If you’re planning on working from home, this is a great basement finishing project.
Teenager’s bedroom/apartment – You might have a teenager who would really love to have his/her own space. Turning the basement into a big bedroom or mini-apartment can be a way to keep your teen close but also let him/her have a bit more privacy and get a small taste of what it’s like to live alone as an adult.
Apartment for rent – A great choice for Mississauga basement renovations is to turn the basement into an apartment. It’s the perfect space for a college student or young couple to live. After investing in the initial basement finishing project, you’ll make your money back and more on the rent you collect. Plus, collecting rent can help you pay off your mortgage and other bills.
Home gym – If you’d rather work out at home than go to a gym, why not turn your basement into a personal fitness centre? Get some good lighting, air circulation and enough space for all your equipment and you’ll be set. You could even install a separate shower down there so you can rinse off right after working up a sweat.
Meditation space – With all the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, maybe a meditation space would be the best choice for a Mississauga basement renovation project. Think soft colour hues, a small fountain, plenty of space for a yoga mat, candles, incense… You get the picture.
Library – Why not create a quiet, secluded library? You could line the walls with shelves for all your favourite books and bring in some comfy seating for curling up with a page-turner.
Wine cellar – If you love your vino, consider turning your basement into a wine cellar. It’s a dark, cool, underground space. Look into the right conditions for a proper cellar and get planning!

We hope you like these ideas for basement renovation projects. If you’re planning a basement renovation in Mississauga or a basement renovation in Oakville, feel free to give us a call for a no-cost consultation at (647) 264-6387.