Flood Proof Your Basement with domilya GROUP

The importance of flood proofing your basement cannot be stressed enough.

A flood can cause tremendous damage to a home and your belongings, but in many cases, that damage can be prevented. By flood proofing your home, the basement in particular, you can prevent a very expensive clean-up project later on.

The exact flood proofing system you’ll need will depend on the condition of your home and the area you live in. You might be in a particularly flood-prone community or you might be concerned about a specific drainage problem unique to your house. Whatever the issue may be, domilya GROUP can help. Basements are our specialty, so give us a call for a free basement renovation consultation at (647) 264-6387.
If you’re interested in doing some flood proofing yourself, here are some great steps to ensuring your basement is waterproof, from the This Old House website:

  • Use hydraulic cement to fill cracks or holes in concrete floors and walls.
  • Add a layer of waterproof masonry cement to the inside of walls.
  • Ensure water drains away from your foundation by attaching extensions to downspouts that direct the water away from the house.
  • Dig a trench right under the downspout that can accommodate a four-inch diameter PVC pipe.
  • Connect that PVC pipe to the downspout.
  • Put in a drywell at the opposite end of the pipe for catching and spreading out rainwater.