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Get Your Basement Renovation Completed On Time And On Budget

Most people know that the first step towards having a successful home renovation includes having a plan. When you make the decision to do a basement renovation to your Oakville, Mississauga, Milton or Burlington home, working with a qualified contractor like domilya GROUP will make the planning process easier. domilya GROUP has more than 10 years of experience in home renovations, including basement renovations in Halton and Mississauga.

Not only can a quality contractor help you finalize the plans for your basement space, but they can also contribute to the two largest requirements most clients have when undertaking a basement renovation – get the project done on time and on budget!?

No matter what your plans for your basement are (check out six awesome ideas here), to avoid any surprises during your basement renovation (which can lead to delays and over spending), make sure you investigate the following before starting the project.

  • Water – do you have proper drainage? Have you ever had a water leak in your basement before?
  • Temperature – is your basement always cold? If you want it to become a cozy space to hang out in, you will need to make sure that it is properly insulated.

Once you have investigated some technicalities, here are some further tips to help ensure your basement renovation project gets completed on time and on budget.

  • Determine what you want the space to be used for.  Last minute changes to the plans will add to the budget and can really set a project back time wise.
  • Communicate! And be specific about your expectations when it comes to materials used and project completion date expectations. domilya GROUP’s approach includes transparency – no ugly surprises!
  • Be open to ideas.  Contractors are the professionals and may be able to tell you about other materials or ideas that can help you stay within your budget and not hold up the project.
  • Be Realistic.  If you want the project done right, you need to be realistic about the budget and the time frame in order for a basement renovation to be completed properly and safely.

We can also tell you that hiring a trusted professional will not only help you stay on budget and get the project done on time but it will also alleviate a lot of stress.  Call us at (647) 264-6387 to set up a meeting at your convenience to start talking about your basement renovation in Milton, Oakville, Misssissauga or Burlington.