Getting Your Halton-Peel Home Ready for Sale

Are you planning to sell your home? We know it isn’t always easy to make such a major decision, especially because it involves finding a new home and moving into it as well, but selling a home can be a fun, exciting experience.

Home sales are a major reason people use contractors like domilya GROUP. Before putting a home up for sale, many homeowners like to give the house a makeover – whether big or small – to increase its value.

Once you’re ready to start the selling process, think about whether your house is ready to be sold as is, or if it would help to make some renovations. Kitchens are a big selling point of a home, so consider perhaps changing up your kitchen. Think about installing new counters, adding an island or revamping the kitchen cabinets. Ensuring the basement is a usable space is also a great way to increase the value of your home before selling. You can turn the basement into a rentable living space, a den for kids, a home theatre or a home office space.

Other things to consider, depending on the condition and style of your home, include installing new floors, refinishing staircases and repainting walls. You can also choose to update the bathroom(s) in the house by installing new tubs, showers and/or sinks and other fixtures.

The extent of your home renovation will all depend on the amount of effort you want to put into the project, your budget and the amount of time you have to spend on this before selling.

At domilya GROUP, we have extensive experience renovating homes in Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Mississauga. We can work with you to create a plan for your home renovation project, and if you’re feeling stuck on ideas, we can help by giving you creative suggestions.

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