How Hardwood Floors Can Help You Create A Fabulous Space This Fall Season

Fall is an excellent time to invest in the right home renovations that will create gorgeous spaces for entertaining during Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. What better way to refresh your home than with modern hardwood floors?

domilya GROUP can help you choose the most beautiful hardwood floors that will work with your space and what you want. Do you entertain in the living room most often or are you planning to host a delicious holiday meal in your dining area? What are the choices available for modern hardwood floors that will rejuvenate the social areas of your home creating a fabulous space for entertaining?

These are a few of the many questions that an experienced home renovation company can help you answer. With over ten years of experience in home renovations, domilya GROUP will take you through the many choices available for hardwood floors and help you make the right decision.


What Are Some Of The Choices For Quality Hardwood Floors?

There are many trends in home renovation for this Fall. To achieve a modern look for your home, hardwood floors in dark woods are a popular choice. Rich, dark colours like ebony, espresso, Jacobean and dark walnut can help warm up your home for the Thanksgiving season. Natural hardwoods with ultra-blonde woods can create spaces that appear larger and airier. To create a modern look for your home, wider planks can be used for your flooring. Another trend on the rise is the use of simple and natural hardwood floor materials not only in your living room but that also extend right through the main sections of your home, even into the kitchen.

People are looking for long-term sustainable solutions when renovating their home and investing in higher quality hardwood floors that look more natural and are of higher-grade woods can last you a lifetime. Modern hardwood floors should compliment your individual style while working with the overall décor of your home.

A few of the other trends for hardwood floors for this fall season are:

  • True Black – a new look that is quickly becoming popular in home renovations.
  • Gray and white washes using birch or maple – providing a fashion-forward, higher end look for your home.
  • Finishes – matte, satin or wire-brushed are few of the options. Wire Brushed hardwood provides a subtle texture while maintaining a smooth surface on your floors.
  • Vintage Hardwood – used in traditional entertaining spaces but extended into kitchens and entryways.
  • Distressed wood and wide planks – gives homes a historic but luxurious touch.

No matter what kind of modern hardwood floor style you want, domilya GROUP can make it happen. Create a wonderful space today where you can entertain your family and let us help you realize your dream home. Contact us to discuss your hardwood flooring and other home renovation plans.