How to Have Fun with Colour

Ready to choose paint colours? Think outside the box – there’s no need to stick with the same-old-same-old white/beige/brown/grey that we get so used to in our homes. Why not experiment with more colourful options?

Here are some great colour combinations as recommended by HouseBeautiful.

  • Red on red: Combine two shades of red, such as a classic red with a slightly browner shade. Create the combination by using the classic red as your main tone, such as on your walls, then use the other shade for the mouldings.
  • Grey and mahogany: Use a pale bluish grey as your main colour then try a mahogany brown for the mouldings. You get great contrast, and if you have dark wood furniture, the mahogany will play very well.
  • Grey and lavender: They’re close shades but the subtle differences will work really well.
  • Blue and green: Go for light, airy shades that remind you of the ocean. Pale blue walls and green trim can be stunning – and very calming.
  • Blue on blue: Pale blue for your main, cloudy blue (almost white) for the trim. Give it a shot!
  • Aubergine and grey-green: Aubergine (a.k.a. eggplant) is a rich, gorgeous colour. The light grey-green complements it beautifully.
  • Green and brown: Can you get more natural than that combination? Play with different shades of these two base colours and see what mix strikes your fancy.
  • Blue and grey: This is a really soothing choice. Perhaps a nice choice for the bathroom? Something calming to look at first thing in the morning. Also perhaps a comfy bedroom combination.

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