Holiday Survival Guide To Hosting In Your Home

Are You Hosting This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to share your renovated home with friends and family. It is easy to imagine your loved ones sitting around the gorgeous stone fireplace that now adorns your living room. Or perhaps your friends will enjoy a delicious brunch at the harvest table in your new dining room. Whatever home renovations you have recently completed, it is a space that you want to enjoy but with a degree of mindfulness about the investment you just made.

Safety & Style Go Hand-in-Hand

One of the best things a homeowner can do to protect their newly renovated space is to keep clear any snow or ice from driveways, walkways and especially the front steps. Not only is this imperative for guest safety, but will also prevent unwanted snow and ice trekked inside. Along with this, laying down some new holiday inspired entrance rugs and having towels handy at all doorways helps prevent unwanted pools of water that could potentially damage those new hardwood floors or unnecessary slips or falls.

Child-proofing high traffic areas, tucking away extension cords and replacing open flame pillar candles with sleek electric ones, will make your home look put together and avoid any accidents that may occur when hosting large or small gatherings in your home.

Investing in festive coasters and hot plates to protect your new granite countertop are fun and easy additions to bring style into your newly renovated space. Have you built a new closet? Use it to tuck guest coats away and at the same time, why not ensure that your amazing new powder room and all your bathrooms are well stocked for holiday guests.

Simple Guidelines To Hosting In Your Home

  • You just spent time investing in your renovations – now is your chance to invest in holiday décor that will last and compliment your newly renovated home.
  • Multiple guests will be arriving – ensure to prep your new rooms well before your guests arrive. Keep a spare set of sheets and blankets on hand for quick and easy bed changes.
  • Stock up – take advantage of any additional storage space or perhaps that amazing wine fridge and stock up on chilled wines, frozen appetizers and other items that could come in handy during the holiday season.
  • Perhaps you just finished your renovation and are worried your home won’t be ready in time – focus on a few key areas for holiday decorating like the tree, front door and dining room table.
  • Last but not least – have fun and enjoy yourself. Put on some festive music, create a signature holiday cocktail and spend time with your loved ones in your newly renovated home.

When domilya GROUP helps with in your home renovation, we are happy to advise you on the many ways you can protect your home during the holiday season or anytime of the year. Most importantly, we want you to love the space you live. Contact us with questions on how to protect your home when hosting or for any of your home renovation needs.