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Home Renovation Trends To Take Advantage Of In 2019

Love it or not, the start of a new year always brings about plenty of information on what to trends to watch for in the 12 months ahead. Home renovation and home design is certainly one popular area that gets a fresh outlook to come January. While it’s not critical to incorporate hot new trends into your home renovation plans for 2019, it is worth checking out what trends are at the forefront, as they may just be exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re considering a home renovation in Oakville or the surrounding area in 2019, start by making a renovation wish list and include anything and everything that appeals to you. From there, you can work with a professional home renovation company to help you define your vision.

When it comes to home renovation, domilya GROUP’s approach involves lots of conversations and transparency so that our clients feel heard, valued and understand that 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. Whether you want to complete a kitchen renovation or a basement renovation, our expert team can help you incorporate 2019 trends and deliver a functional and well planned out space that adds value to your home.

New Home Renovation Trends

Trends can range from outlandish ideas to simple updates on a classic look. As the 2019 home renovation trends come out in full force, we’ve compiled our five favorite options and are sharing them below. There are so many ways that these looks can be incorporated into your home renovation in Oakville this coming year.

  1. Mixing metals.

    It used to be that when you were picking out a faucet, you’d want it to match the hardware, the light fixture finishes, and the barstools too. However, the latest trends include a more mixed up look. For example, why not try a polished nickel faucet paired with satin brass knobs on the cabinets.

  2. Double kitchen islands.

    When space allows, double kitchen islands have been popping up everywhere. The idea behind this luxury kitchen design trend is that one island is used as a functional space to eat or work, and the other becomes prep space for cooking those chef worthy meals or when entertaining friends and family.

  3. Warm color tones.

    From warm paint colors to quartz counters in warm neutrals, the push towards these tones is driven by the fact that people are wanting cozier home spaces. Many people are moving away from the sterile, clean look of an all-white décor scheme and looking to warm up their spaces using these type of tones in their flooring, paint and other finishes.

  4. Bigger windows.

    When completing the main floor renovation, many people are still opting for open concept design, but with that comes the desire to incorporate big windows to make the space bright and airy. There is a big push to bring the outdoors inside by removing as many barriers as possible and being able to easily see trees and outdoor spaces while relaxing inside the home.

  5. Hands-free technology.

    Smart technology has been trendy for the past few years, but hands-free technology is the next evolution in this category. More and more people are starting to embrace the technology that allows them to use their voice to operate their home. Home renovation companies are increasingly finding ways to build this technology into homes based on rising demand.

Start Your Dream Renovation In 2019 With domilya GROUP

Undertaking a renovation is not just about making a few changes. If you really want to make the most of your home renovation, be sure to find a professional contractor that can help you create a plan that optimizes your space and delivers an updated look that works for your family. With an expert team and a proven track record, domilya GROUP has what it takes to turn your renovation dreams into reality. If a home renovation is on your list for 2019, start by contacting domilya GROUP to schedule a complimentary consultation.