How to Find Renovation Contractors in Oakville

A successful home renovation largely depends on finding a contractor who is the right fit for you and your specific project. Here are some easy tips for how to find a reliable renovation contractor in the Oakville area for your next home renovation.

How to Find a Contractor
The first step is to find out about all the available contractors in your area. There are number of online resources to help you do this.

The Town of Oakville for example, has compiled a comprehensive list of licensed Oakville contractors complete with their contact information here.

There are also a variety of websites you can use to both find contractors and see what previous customers have had to say about them. Customer review sites like Homestars, Uknowa and Yelp are great resources. You can search for the company you want to know more about and read reviews written by previous clients to get a feel for the customer experience the company provides.

Two other excellent websites rate contractors and home improvement companies so you can browse through the best possible options. They are:

  • Trusted Pros: The Trusted Pros website provides you with exactly that, trusted professionals. The company rates contractors based on customer feedback.
  • Baeumler Approved: Baeumler Approved lists companies that have been approved according to the Baeumler guidelines, which check a contractor’s liability insurance, references and regulatory certification.

Once you’ve found a contractor you’d like to work with, set up a meeting or at least give them a call so you can ask them any questions you might have and talk about your own home renovation. It’s important to take your time – there’s no rush! Choose the contractor you feel is best for your project. For tips on how to choose the right contractor, check out our recent blog post here.

At domilya GROUP, we are always sure to take our time and answer every question a client may have. We are not only Baeumler-approved, we’re also listed on Trusted Pros and have a number of positive reviews on Homestars and on our website. If you’re interested in working with domilya GROUP, give us a call at 647.300.1242 so we can talk about your project and transform your dreams into reality.