Innovative Basement Renovation Ideas

Innovative Basement Renovation Ideas You Haven’t Considered

It’s no secret that completing a basement renovation not only adds usable space for your family, but also increases your home’s value too. That being said, there are so many fantastic ideas to consider when debating how to transform your basement. While adding an extra bedroom or home office may be high on your list, before you make your decision, it’s worth exploring additional unique and innovative basement renovation ideas that can really elevate your space.

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Unique Basement Renovation Ideas

You know you want to make better use of your basement, but how? Use these unique ideas to inspire your mind and determine if these ‘out of the box’ basement ideas will produce the type of space you’re looking for.

Income Generating Space

It’s very common for people to now turn their hobbies into income generating businesses. Turning your basement space into an income generating property is one thing, but what about turning the space into a studio or creative space for your blog or online business? Additionally, many massage therapists, psychologists, or therapists choose to run their business from home, so a basement renovation that creates a functional space for this purpose can be a game changer. Thinking of running a home daycare or a dog care enterprise? Customize your space to not only suit you needs but to show your prospective clients that you’re the right business for the job.

At Home Spa And Wellness Area

Completing a bathroom renovation to add a bathroom in the basement is a great idea, and one that will add value to your home. But if you’re interested in adding luxury and serenity, consider upping your plans to create an at home spa and wellness area in the basement. Why not create a space that helps melt the day away by adding an infrared sauna, a traditional dry sauna, or a steam shower? Combine a home gym with your spa area and you’ll be able to stay fit, healthy, and happy without having to leave your home.

School Space

If you choose to home school or have multiple children that need a dedicated space for projects and homework, consider including a school space in your basement renovation. We’re not just talking some desks and shelves, but a space outfitted with technology such as printers, smart boards, laptops, and more. Adding space to collaborate on school or extracurricular projects, storage space for past projects and supplies can help make school work much more desirable. 

Sports Court 

If you or your children are involved in high level sports, or just want a space to be able to burn off energy during those long Canadian winters, consider a sports court. From spring back floors for gymnasts and dancers, to a mini basketball court or floor hockey space, you’ll never be limited due to weather when it comes to getting in a few hours of practice.

It’s Time To Renovate Your Basement

Don’t let your valuable basement space be wasted! The first step involves finding a basement contractor in Oakville or Mississauga that can get behind your vision and help you design a path to get there. If you’re looking for high-quality work, professionalism, and innovative solutions, then give domilya GROUP a call at (647) 264-6387 to set up your complimentary consultation. Our unique approach and dedication to each and every client is what sets us apart and helps us continue to create outstanding spaces. We’d love to transform your space, too!