Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Important Considerations Before A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the hub and heartbeat of any home. Considering a kitchen renovation is a big decision and one that domilya GROUP has been helping clients with in Oakville and Mississauga for over 10 years.

Before undergoing any custom renovation, create a Storybook of your ideas to help define your perfect kitchen. Be creative. Source your ideas from various places like magazines or conducting online searches by using mediums such as Pinterest and Flipboard. Taking pictures of kitchen elements held in your friends or family members homes and organizing these ideas in a binder can also assist in creating your dream kitchen.

It is important to take a moment to consider your goals before starting a kitchen renovation and answer some key questions. Are you entertaining often? Are several people cooking at once? Perhaps a home resale is in your future?

If so, you want to make the best renovation decision for the greatest return on investment. domilya GROUP is here to help you brainstorm through all of these considerations before starting any custom renovation project.

The preplanning process is also an opportunity to think about possible upgrades to create the kitchen of your dreams.  A few items to consider in any kitchen renovation.

  • Addition of a second sink – a great value add-on for food preparation and entertaining
  • Paneled cabinet ends to add that extra touch to your kitchen cabinets
  • Soft-close drawer glides that help close your drawers quietly and gently
  • Customized storage space for your needs
  • Ensure your space is maximized for your working kitchen triangle (stove, refrigerator, sink)

There are many other considerations to take into account when making your kitchen wish list.

domilya’s GROUP of talented home renovation experts will take each item on your wish list and review the current layout of your kitchen and come up with a realistic plan to create your ideal kitchen within your budget. We are here to help transform your dream into reality!

With over 10 years of experience in creating the best custom home renovations for clients across Oakville and Mississauga, domilya GROUP’s experienced team is ready to revamp your space. Call us today at (647) 264-6387 and together, we will start planning your dream kitchen.