Kitchen Renovation Trends That Will Last

Deciding to complete a kitchen renovation is a big investment and a big commitment.  So, it’s no wonder that many of domilya GROUP’s kitchen renovation clients are interested in incorporating kitchen trends that will last. When renovating your kitchen, you do want to be careful about making trendy choices, especially since the kitchen is such a focal point of any home.

Instead, think about trends in terms of the value they bring to your life and your home. There is nothing wrong with using trends as inspiration for your renovation, but choose wisely! There are many trends that have a lot of staying power because they either address a specific need, offer flexibility or provide a timeless design.

5 Kitchen Trends That Will Stand The Test Of Time

If you want a fresh, modern and updated kitchen but also want to ensure that you’ll enjoy your kitchen for many years to come, there are many trends you should consider.  Which one of these top trend options would make it on your kitchen renovation wish list?

Quartz Counters

Quartz countertops require less upkeep than granite – no annual sealing and quartz is actually a tougher surface too.  The colour and surface designs are also less dominant than other materials, so you’re more likely enjoy the style for a longer period of time.

Open Layout

The popularity of a fully open concept main floor may be waning in popularity but the same is not true for open concept kitchens.  Kitchens that have great sight lines and provide an easy entertaining space will always be a welcomed feature.

LED Lighting

LED lights have come down in price, making them more affordable for the average home owner. You can use LEDs to illuminate a toe-kick, perk up an island, wash the ceiling with light, or brighten up cabinetry. These lights emit no heat and are much more energy efficient than other traditional choices.

Deep Drawers

Extra-deep drawers make cooking and storage much easier. This trend has even expanded to include a very wide range of add-ons like deep drawer organizers that have slots to hold plates and store knives, dividers to keep your water bottles organized and removable boxes that let you reorganize the drawers as needed. We’ve never heard of anyone who regrets adding more storage space!

White Kitchens

White kitchens will never go out of style – it’s as simple as that.  And there are plenty of ways to still add unique features and pops of colour to your kitchen if you choose white as your overall colour choice.

Making Trends Work For Your Kitchen Renovation

It can be overwhelming to look at design ideas and decide which changes will work best for you and your home.  If your Oakville or Mississauga home is ready for a kitchen renovation, reach out to domilya GROUP for your complimentary consultation. We have a creative team that can help you sort through design and trend ideas and customize your kitchen so that you’ll love the completed renovation for years to come.