Leave A Lasting Impression With A Main Floor Renovation

With all of the entertaining and socializing you do in your home, does every inch of your main floor reflect the image and style you want your guests to remember? Your main floor is the first indoor space that guests see and can set the impression for the rest of your home. If you often host clients, fundraisers or business functions at home, a custom main floor renovation may be what’s needed so that the design and the layout of the space really showcases your fabulous home and makes guests feel welcome.

If you want to build a main floor that will impress your guests, there are two main things to consider before starting a renovation.

The Floor Plan

Even if you have been able to infuse your space with some impressive style choices, an awkward floor plan makes it difficult to effectively and enjoyably entertain guests.  When it comes to renovation options, there is so much than can be done in terms of opening up a floor plan or moving rooms to make the space much more functional for hosting and entertaining.  The ideal impressive main floor includes:

  • A room big enough to accommodate your average number of guests.
  • Sight lines that allow people to see each other when in different rooms.
  • Entryways and openings that allow people to move freely through spaces.
  • A main floor powder room for guests to use.
  • Windows properly positioned to give guests a great view of outdoor space.
  • A main floor entry way that is big enough to welcome guests and properly store excess coats and shoes without looking cluttered.

Unique Features

Once your space is properly laid out, you can work with your professional home renovator to add customization and show stopping features.

  • Built in cabinets and shelves to showcase art work and other collectable items.
  • A two sided fireplace that serves as a conversation piece and adds ambience to two rooms at the same time.
  • Wall mouldings.
  • A custom bar area which includes a sink, wine storage and space to mix and prepare. your guest’s drinks
  • Custom storage so that serving dishes, table clothes, napkins and other accessories for entertaining are easily accessible.
  • High end fixtures such as lighting, doors and their hardware, crown moulding or unique wall tile.
  • High end flooring.
  • A statement staircase.
  • Fully wired smart systems that can control lighting, music and temperature at the touch of a button.

The final element that will allow you to create an impressive main floor comes down to choosing the right renovation contractor that can deliver what you need.  domilya GROUP is an award winning renovation company that has extensive experience in custom renovations that are designed to impress.  Our superior customer service and attention to detail means that you will not only get the space you need for entertaining clients, friends and family but that the space will elevate the whole look and feel of your home.

Your home can be the space you’ve dreamed about. When you are ready to take your main floor to a higher level of both function and design, contact domilya GROUP for a complementary consultation. We’re passionate about transforming your dreams into reality!