Perfect Basement Renovation

Minimalist, Traditional, Or Eclectic – domilya GROUP Can Complete Your Perfect Basement Renovation

One of the best things about basement renovations is that they truly open up a world of possibility for homeowners. domilya GROUP has completed many basement renovations in Oakville and Mississauga, and as a result, we’ve had the opportunity to create unique spaces that range in both style and function. If you’re thinking about completing a basement renovation, but feel overwhelmed and stuck on where to start, it can be helpful to try and determine what style you want your space to take on and then visualize how you want the finished product to look.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself in order to determine your style include:

  • Are you drawn to elements and visuals from the past or do you like to keep on top of the most modern design trends?
  • Are you into bright colours or do you rely on neutral shades and tones?
  • Do you like spaces with clean lines or do you prefer filling a room with unique or important accessories?
  • Do you prefer to spend time in the country or the city?

A Basement Renovation That Suits Your Style

Once you’ve determined the style you want your basement to have, it’s important to find the right basement contractor in Oakville that can help you bring your ideas to life. Not only do you want a basement contractor that focuses on attention to detail and craftsmanship, but you also want one that has experience making sure your basement space will be both warm and dry.

From minimalist to traditional or eclectic style, take a look at some great options for basement renovations in your Oakville home.

Minimalist Basement Style – keep your space open to create clean site lines and an airy feel. Choose neutral colours like whites, greys and other monochromatic hues. If you’re including a bathroom renovation as part of your new basement plans, make sure the space has lots of storage space so that clutter can be kept off of counters and shelves.

Traditional Basement Style – A traditional basement renovation will likely include a cozy family space that uses warm tones and some built in storage for displaying heirlooms, pictures or important accessories. You can utilize natural materials such as wood as a design accent, or choose traditional style options likes wainscoting. Those interested in a more traditional design may also choose to separate different parts of the basement to incorporate a home office or a home gym, instead of keeping an open floor plan.

Eclectic Basement Style – Adding eclectic touches to your basement can range from bringing in bright colours, wall murals or a water feature as part of the basement bathroom renovation, to choosing an eclectic design right from the start. How about a mock tree house built into the wall, a real looking bar space, or a movie concession stand? Choosing an eclectic design doesn’t mean chaos though, it’s more about melding together various styles and making them work in harmony.

Need A Basement Contractor In Oakville?

A basement renovation can completely change the way you use your home. Take the time to find the right basement contractor that can fully understand your vision and the priorities you have for the space. domilya GROUP always takes a very customer-focused approach that is backed by transparency, communication and our commitment to complete each project to the best of our abilities. Whether you already know the style you want or you’re just starting your renovation planning, contact us, and let’s have a conversation about your basement!