A Monthly Guide To 2018 Home Renovation Projects

Committing to making continual improvements to your home will help it retain its value. With a New Year just beginning, domilya GROUP is offering a month to month guide for home renovation projects worth tackling in 2018. With more than 10 years of experience providing top quality home and commercial renovations in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington, our experience and ideas can help you have a more functional, comfortable and well-kept home.

A January to December Home Improvement List

Start making your renovation plans for the year now.  That way you will have the opportunity to source and shop for the best prices and find the fixtures and pieces that will bring your desired style and design into your home.

January – Light Fixtures

Brighten up those long and dark Canadian winters with updated light fixtures. Not sure where to start? Vintage light fixtures are one of the top 2018 design trends, so you’ll see lots of inspiration along these lines when you’re researching what’s right for your home.  Other fantastic options are working with a qualified electrician to update pot lights or add additional lighting to just about any room in your home.

February – Refresh Your Tiles

Winter tends to be slower for trades so it’s a good time to hire someone to refresh your bathroom shower tiles or kitchen backsplash.

March – Get Organized

You may be surprised to find out how many options exist when it comes to adding storage to your home.  A professional contractor can work with you to create custom storage options that make use of dead space or can provide you with built in design options to solve your storage woes.

April – Revamp Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

Outdoor spaces can quite literally be turned into what feels like another room in your home. Adding an awning or a built in bar area can make entertaining easier. For those wanting to add luxury features, outdoor kitchens can be created to include pizza ovens, refrigerators, a storage area and so much more.

May – Update Interior Doors      

Choose a more modern door style, like a classic four-panel door, then add some high end hardware.

June – Renovate Your Laundry Room

Changing the design and set up of your laundry room can increase functionality and storage. Think about how you do laundry and then incorporate changes that will make doing laundry easier – a larger laundry sink or more folding space really can make a big difference!

July – Upgrade faucets and fixtures

Not only can upgraded faucets and shower heads instantly modernize a space, they can actually also help you cut down on your water bill when you choose more energy efficient options.

August – Install Crown Moulding

Crown molding can give any home a high end feel and is a great option for hiding flaws and crooked walls. If you need to prioritize what areas of your home will get this upgrade, start with high-impact areas like an entrance way or living room.

September – Reinsulate Your Home

Poor insulation allows air to escape from your home and can dramatically increase your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Before heading into another cold winter, reinsulate your home to reduce drafts and keep warm air from escaping.

October – Revitalize Your Fireplace

There are several ways to remodel your fireplace including changing outdated tile or painting the brick. Choose light paint colors and natural tones for a more contemporary look.

November – Create an accent wall

Painting an accent wall is an effective way to add depth and dimension to a room. Colours that top the trends in 2018 are bold, with blues and blued toned paints being a top choice.

December – Minor Repairs

Before you close out the year, have holes and dents filled and painted, replace any broken door knobs or broken screens and fix any other minor damage that occurs from general wear and tear on a home.

Make Your Home Even Better In 2018

Ready to renovate in 2018? Contact domilya GROUP to get started. Our expert team will take the time to listen to your needs and ideas and then work with you to make your dreams a reality. We know that it’s the little details that really matter and you can trust us to deliver quality work, craftsmanship and excellent customer service.