New Home Renovation Trend? Seniors Staying in Their Homes

A new trend in home renovations may be emerging: some seniors are choosing to stay in their homes, renovating them to suit their needs, instead of downsizing or moving to retirement communities. Is it a trend? The Financial Post reports this may be the case.

It all comes down to comfort. Seniors want and deserve to live comfortably, whatever their individual needs may be. Often, staying in your own home, the home you’ve been living in for many years, is the most comfortable thing to do. So that’s where renovating comes in.

Here’s an excerpt from the Financial Post article: “The question many seniors are asking themselves today is whether they want to renovate and retrofit their house to meet their current physical conditions, move to a condo or even consider a retirement community where they’ll pay a lump sum for all their needs.”

It can be a tough decision to make. People need to consider how many years they plan on staying in the home and/or if they plan on selling it after renovating it. Senior-living renovations, such as upgrading a bathroom with a walk-in shower/bath and heated flooring, can increase the value of a home. So it might be in the cards to one day sell the home after completing the renovations.

It’s also largely an emotional decision – people want to be happy and want to live in the place that is most comfortable to them and most suited to their daily lives and needs.

One Montreal man decided to renovate his home, spending tens of thousands of dollars. But, according to the Financial Post, he says it’s been worth every cent. He is 86 years old and is confined to a wheelchair, but because of his renovations, he can move easily throughout his entire four-storey house.

If you’re thinking about making your home more senior-friendly, you can always start small. A logical place to start is the bathroom, because it’s a room that needs to be easily accessible and safe. Here are some senior-friendly ideas for changing up your bathroom. If you have a multi-storey home, and have someone who uses a wheelchair, you might consider renovating to make each floor wheelchair-accessible, or renovating to move a bedroom to the first floor.

In the end, it is all about ensuring seniors’ comfort. What do they need and want? What would make them feel comfortable and safe?

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