Open up Your Home to Sunlight

As we move into summer, we’re reminded that sunshine still exists and how lovely and warm it is! If you’d like to fill your home with sunlight because it doesn’t get enough right now, you may want to consider an Ontario home renovation. Depending on how much light your home currently gets, it may be useful to start a custom home renovation to open up your rooms, add windows, add skylights, or even knock down interior walls.
Here are some great tips from to bring more sunshine into your home:

  • Ensure your windows are clean to let lots of light in – especially after all the buildup from those long winter months.
  • White blinds or airy fabrics are great choices for light-inviting window treatments.
  • If you’re open to a home renovation project, try replacing an interior wall with French doors to really open up your home to light.
  • Mirrors can be your friend! Play with them to bring some shine into the space.

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