Renovation Ideas For Older Homes

Whether you have lived in your Mississauga area home for decades or you’ve recently purchased an older home that needs renovations, tackling renovation projects in an older home takes some added consideration. Because you may run into older plumbing or electrical systems and other features common in older homes, it is important to work with a qualified and professional contractor that will know what to do and how to work with whatever they find.


When you decide to undertake renovations on an older home, you need to think about whether you are looking for a full remodel or whether you are tackling smaller projects. Either way, the option may exist to combine the new renovation with some of the original parts or features of the house. Special features that add character like crown molding, old style doors, original wide plank flooring, built ins or iron windows are things that you may want to keep but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate some new and updated features too.


Some of the most common areas that home owners are interested in upgrading if they have older homes are:


Basements are typically homes to the furnace area. Chances are that your 15+ year furnace is not a high efficiency unit which means it’s costing you money. Basements have also become a much more versatile living space and home owners are choosing to renovate the basement to make the most of the extra square footage – putting in an income suite, a home gym, an office or even an extra bathroom are all options to consider.

Curb Appeal

While older homes tend to have some great structure, original masonry or aluminum siding can date the home. In addition, over time dry rot can be an issue for front porches or the front door area since wood may not have been properly treated to protect the wood when originally installed.


Green, pink or blue toilets and tubs are the first to go! Today’s bathroom trends are much more simple and classic in their appearance. Contractors are also very skilled in maximizing small bathroom space better than ever and can also design bathrooms that will work for aging home owners.

Depending on whether the home owners of an older home are planning to stay in the home or sell it, other major renovations like changing the floor plan of the home or renovating the kitchen may also be part of future plans. There can be a lot of excitement when it comes to renovation an older home to make it feel new again, but there can also be a lot of stress too. Taking on a major renovation is a bid deal!


At domilya GROUP, we take a personal and transparent approach to every project we take on. We want your renovation to be a positive experience and we do everything we can to make that happen! Contact us for your free renovation quote for your Oakville or Mississauga area home and find out how we can revitalize your older home.