Say Goodbye To Cold Feet This Winter

Cold feet go hand-in-hand with Canadian winters, but they don’t have to. Have you heard of heated flooring? It’s a great option that is becoming more and more popular – particularly in washrooms.

A heated flooring system can be installed underneath your floors anywhere in your house. There are two main types of in-floor heating: Electric and hydronic – electric of course uses electricity and hydronic uses water to heat your floors.

If you’re only choosing to add this amenity to one room, your contractor will probably suggest a simple electric system as opposed to a hydronic system, which can be more complex and expensive.

Electric in-floor heating is relatively easy to install and can be used under most floor-types. It is particularly popular under tile and stone, however, because those materials tend to be quite cold to the touch – even before winter arrives. Despite how cold tiles and stone tend to be, they respond well to heated flooring systems. Tiles are fairly good heat conductors and therefore normally draw heat away from your feet. However, when the tiles are heated, they act in reverse and transmit the warmth to your feet instead.

Although heated floors are a welcome addition to all parts of the home, they are especially appreciated in the washroom. The cold tile of a washroom floor is loathed by many. One experience of stepping onto a heated floor right after a shower or bath will have you sold on this idea.

If you’re tired of having to rely on fuzzy socks and furry slippers to handle your cold floors in winter, think about installing in-floor heating. Comfort is the payoff of this project, and who wouldn’t want some extra comfort?

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