How to Solve the Small Bathroom Problem

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If you have a small bathroom, there is a good chance that you are finding it cramped, cluttered and uncomfortable. You want your bathroom to be a tranquil place, but when there is not enough space, you end up with toiletries scattered everywhere and nowhere to put your towels. Since it’s a small room, you may be afraid that there’s not much you can do, but there are some options to consider:

  • Find more space. Is there a way that you can actually make your bathroom larger? Is there any space that you can take over in an adjoining closet or guest room? If you are not currently using the space effectively, devoting it to your bathroom could significantly improve your quality of life in your home.
  • Build an addition. Depending on your home and your budget, a bathroom addition may be the best option for you. With an addition you would be able to get all the space that you need. Call us and we can create a customized plan for your home.
  • Maximize storage. Usually the biggest challenge with a small bathroom is finding the space to store everything. Most people are surprised by the number of storage opportunities that exist in even the smallest of bathrooms. Consider adding a shelf above the door, installing floating shelves, using bathroom organizers underneath your sink, or putting in shower shelves. If you get creative with it there are lots of interesting ways to organize your bathroom.
  • Make it look bigger. Even if you are not able to physically add space to your bathroom, there are things that you can do to make it appear bigger. Options such as a clear glass shower door, a smaller vanity or keeping all the supplies organized under the sink can save you space and make your bathroom look bigger. Also, an effective use of light and mirrors can make your bathroom beautiful while also giving it a more spacious look.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable in their bathroom. Without much effort you can find a solution that will let you love your bathroom and increase the value of your house. We can help you create a bathroom that will meet your needs work for your home. Call us!