Where To Start On Your Next Home Renovation

When you consider a home renovation one of the first questions often asked is, where do I start? This is quickly followed up with, what do I do before a renovation or what area of the home do I renovate first?

These are important questions to think about before you start any home renovation project.

domilya GROUP can help create your plan with some basic initial steps with the specific goal of achieving the home of your dreams.

What To Do Before A Renovation

  • Set a budget
  • Be clear about the scope of the project
  • Do your research on contractors and best ROI for a home renovation
  • Investigate temporary housing if necessary
  • Create a storage plan
  • Improve security

Once you have a working plan and the help of an experienced contractor like domilya GROUP, the next question is what do I renovate? Being smart about home renovations is important for the present and the future. You should want to balance the desire to create your dream home with decisions that will provide an investment in your property.

5 Areas Of Your Home To Start Renovating

Sometimes thinking about renovations means more than just remodelling a room. Details can matter and thinking about your entire home works to provide opportunities for well-thought out home renovations.

  • Flooring is the most important aspect of your home. Hardwood floors provide an instant refresh to your space.
  • Fixtures are small but can be effective ways to upgrade your space that will revitalize your entire home. Cabinet hardware, light fixtures (pot lights), countertops and faucets are just a few things to consider.
  • Bathrooms are the second most important room in the home in terms of long-term valuation. Renovating to have a powder room in a one-bathroom house will help create more space for you and increase value.
  • The kitchen is the single most important room to renovate. A modern, fresh and desirable kitchen with new appliances and features like under-cabinet lighting will not only provide you space and joy, but is a highly valuable investment in your home.
  • Income/In-law suites are highly popular and if renovating a basement space, should be an important consideration. Whether it’s a possible stream of income or comfort for your extended family, an income/in-law suite will increase your home’s worth.


Whether at the preplanning, beginning or any stage of your home renovation, domilya GROUP is here to make the process easy for you. Contact us today to discuss the best way to start your home renovation so you can have the house of your dreams.