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How to Tackle A Full Home Renovation

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A typical renovation project can result in moving walls, prying up and replacing old floorboards, or perhaps a fully updated kitchen. However, a full home renovation is an entirely different type of project that requires realistic expectations, dedicated planning, and a firm understanding about the project’s scale.

Leave A Lasting Impression With A Main Floor Renovation

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Your main floor is the first indoor space that guests see and can set the impression for the rest of your home. If you often host clients, fundraisers or business functions at home, a custom main floor renovation may be needed.

Spring For These 5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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The Spring season is a very busy time for renovations and upgrading bathrooms is a popular choice. Whether it’s the warmer weather that gets you motivated to change things up or that you are ready to put the planning you’ve done over winter into action, domilya Group can help you redefine your bathroom.

Once you’ve decided to undertake a bathroom renovation, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning in order to make sure the end result is exactly what you wanted.  Working with a professional contractor who has experience with bathroom renovations can really help you nail down your vision and help you bring it into fruition while still keeping your budget in mind.

Here are some of the top five bathroom renovation ideas you should consider this Spring:

  1. Save water and energy with smart fixtures. There are many products on the market that can conserve water and save you money in the long run. Dual flush toilet are practical and highly efficient and other smart options include digital temperature shower fixtures that can provide an accurate display of the temperature.
  2. Go bold on the floor. There are so many unique flooring options out there! Upgrade outdated flooring with the latest trends which include non-traditional geometric shapes and patterns. Adding this new type of texture and style to a bathroom can really upgrade your bathroom’s atmosphere.
  3. Replace cabinets and vanities. Renovating a bathroom is not just about upgrading style but also about upgrading functionality. Whether you want to go with custom designed cabinets to maximize the space and storage potential or whether you simple want a taller unit with more shelves, choose a piece that will look good and help keep your space more organized.  For added storage, take cabinets up vertically to make the most of the space you have. And, now is also the time to see if you have room for double sinks!
  4. Statement Walls. Wall design is no longer just about paint and wall paper. Bathrooms can really stand out thanks to fantastic design choices that add ceramic or glass tiles, bead board or wainscoting to parts of or certain bathroom walls.  For a really high end finish, consider adding stone as a bathroom wall accent – you will feel like you’re at the spa!
  5. Ease of Use. Barrier free entry showers along with comfort-height toilets and side-mount faucets are gaining in popularity for practical reasons. As the population begins to age, people are making renovation choices that will allow them to stay in their homes longer. It doesn’t hurt either that, curb less showers are easier to clean and can make your bathroom space look bigger.

Has your renovation interest been piqued?  domilya Group has helped hundreds of homeowners across Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga transform their bathrooms into a more functional and more beautiful space.  We’d love to do the same for you.  Give us a call at (647) 300-1242 to set up your free consultation.

5 Home Renovation Trends For 2017

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If you’ve got home renovations on your 2017 to do list, you’ll want to read what trends are shaping the industry as we embark upon a new year. As you build your renovation wish list, consider what changes may influence your decisions and what renovation constants you can still count on.

Holiday Survival Guide To Hosting In Your Home

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The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to share your renovated home with friends and family. Whatever home renovations you have recently completed, it is a space that you want to enjoy but with a degree of mindfulness about the investment you just made.

5 Home Renovation Ideas That Decrease Your Home Value

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Planning home renovations that will create your dream home is exciting to think about. But, as with any major financial project, doing your research and being mindful about your decisions is an important step of the process.

When you look at your home, it is prudent to understand all the possibilities that will increase and decrease your home value. After all, one day your house may be on the market and the last thing you want is to regret any of your home renovation decisions.

domilya GROUP understands how to strike the balance between achieving your dream home and smart home renovation ideas to protect your investment. Together we can explore all the options and create a plan that you will love.

There are 5 home renovation ideas that will decrease your home value:

  1. Getting too fancy or too much customization. Research is imperative in home renovation plans. Look at the housing market in your neighbourhood. What renovations have your neighbours done? What is a potential homeowner looking for in your area? You need to understand the market and renovate accordingly. Simple, timeless designs work better for long-term investment.
  1. Reducing the number of bedrooms or closet space for a large master suite or office. This is never a good idea. The more bedrooms in your home, the higher the market value. Instead work with the space you have to create what you want.
  1. Making your yard smaller. Again, look at the scale of the properties and houses in your neighbourhood. If you lose space in the backyard to add on a living room or sunroom, you are taking away from the overall value of your home in your neighbourhood. There are other ways to renovate so your current space is used in the best way possible.
  1. Swimming pools are never a great home investment. Although wonderful to have, swimming pools and hot tubs can affect the value of your home. Families with young children do not want necessarily want the responsibility to maintain either of these items. There are also safety concerns with such features. A pool or hot tub may inadvertently decrease the number of potential customers and your home’s value.
  1. Do not turn the garage into a living or gym space. It may make sense but losing that storage space and ability for families to store their vehicles in a covered space during cold weather could affect your home value. Renovating a basement area for a family room, office, home gym or in-law suite is a much better investment for a home renovation.

domilya GROUP is here to help create your dream home in the best, smartest way possible that makes sense for you now and for the future. Contact us today to discuss the best home renovation plan for you and let’s build your dream home together.

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