Kitchen Renovation Trends

Take Advantage Of These Kitchen Renovation Trends

Kitchens are certainly not just for cooking. So, when you decide to complete a kitchen renovation in Oakville or Mississauga, it’s essential to plan and design a kitchen you’ll love. To ensure that you get the best options available, take advantage of some of the newest kitchen trends that can add versatility, beauty, and efficiency to your space. From cabinets to countertops to flooring, incorporating style evolutions into your new space will help elevate the finished product and leave you with the luxurious kitchen you’ve dreamed about.

Above all else, there is still a trend towards streamlined kitchens that highlight simplicity and minimalism. However, even with that look in mind, kitchen renovation contractors can still create impressive and bold options that resonate with home owners. To design your perfect kitchen, make sure you first take into account what’s on your renovation wish list and what’s imperative to you, and then determine how to incorporate the latest trends.

5 Kitchen Renovation Trends You Need To Know About

Take a look at some of the hottest kitchen renovation trends. Some of these ideas may be just the elevated design features you’ve been looking for.

  1. Colour Customization.

Home owners can now go beyond standard kitchen colour options. Colour is one of the most effective ways to make your space stand out. For example, a different paint colour on your cabinets or kitchen island can make all the difference. There is a limitless array of colours for you to choose from, so don’t assume your preference can’t be accommodated! In particular, homeowners are favouring cabinets with customized colours that range from neutrals like grey, yellow, and soft greens as well as bold, dark shades like black, navy, and emerald green.

  1. Open Shelving.

Open kitchen shelves instead of wall cabinetry is becoming an increasingly popular trend. If you’re worried about going without closed door wall cabinetry, open shelving offers plenty of benefits by creating a light and airy feel, which can be especially helpful in smaller kitchens.

  1. Farmhouse And Multifunctional Sinks.

For added functionality, many kitchen renovations today are being designed with large single bowl sinks. Since handwashing dishes isn’t a regular occurrence anymore, the need for a double bowl sink is less important. Bigger sinks are ideal for washing larger items, such as cookie sheets, pots, and skillets.

In addition to your main sink, you may find it helpful to add an additional prep sink at the end of a counterspace or in the kitchen island. Adding a multifunctional trough sink, which can be used for anything from food prep to chilling champagne or growing herbs, is ideal for the avid entertainer and certainly adds a wow-factor to any kitchen redesign.

  1. Storage Solutions For Technology.

At the very least, modern kitchen cabinetry should have a charging station for mobile devices.  If you use your devices to follow recipes or watch cooking videos, consider installing a docking station or device holder. For additional high-tech needs, kitchen renovation contractors have been building wireless devices right into cabinetry. This may include wireless music speakers, a flat screen, or a tablet.

  1. Under Cabinet Lighting.

The rise of LED lights has made under-cabinet lighting very popular.  Under cabinet LED lights come in several different forms and help add light to work areas and improve the overall ambiance.  In addition to LED, you could also go with fluorescent fixtures under your cabinets, which are almost as energy efficient as LED and produce minimal heat.

Start Your Kitchen Renovation In Oakville

Evolving trends combined with advanced technology means you need to work with a kitchen renovation contractor who understands how to create a timeless, yet modern and functional kitchen. domilya GROUP works closely with all clients and can deliver a personal and unique kitchen you’ll love. Learn more about creating your dream kitchen by contacting domilya GROUP at (647) 264-6387. We’d love to hear from you!