Take Notice Of These 2017 Fall Renovation Trends

A change of season always brings about the desire to make a fresh start. Adding new pieces to your Fall wardrobe and breaking out your favourite soup recipes are a few ways to celebrate Autumn, but homeowners also look for ways to spruce up their homes in the final months of the year. The 2017 Fall renovation trends boast some great ideas to freshen up and revitalize your space. Which one speaks to you?

Falling Into Colour And Texture

The Fall season in the Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga area is bright and colourful. This year, those attributes seem to have carried over into the most recent renovation trends.  Some of the trends you will see this Fall include:

Bold Colours

Believe or not, dark green is one of the most popular fall colours for 2017. From choosing dark green cabinets as part of a kitchen renovation to picking furniture pieces in this warm tone, the colour is being combined with natural wood and accented with neutral colours to complete a cozy feeling interior.

There is still a place for softer hues this season, and blush pink is popping up as an accent colour that creates a relaxing and inviting environment.

Statement Ceilings

Accent walls have been around for a while, but how about an accent ceiling? Adding texture via wallpaper, tin, shiplap or wooden beams can become a distinctive room feature. Even using a bold paint colour to add a unique focal point to the room is a trend taking hold this Fall.

Cozy Outdoor Spaces 

We were granted a second summer during the month of September and so outdoor spaces are still top of mind. Deep seated patio furniture that makes for comfortable Fall evenings are a popular choice this season. Overall, outdoor space renovations are becoming more of a priority as homeowners are hopeful that they can enjoy the space well into the Fall.

Quartzite Countertops

If you are looking at doing a kitchen renovation this Fall, be sure to check out the latest trend in countertops. Quartzite countertops are real stone and are quickly becoming the alternate choice to marble. They are a tough and reliable kitchen work surface and you can find pieces that include bright mixed colours which add a touch of style.

Relaxing Retreats 

With outside noise being at an all-time high, homeowners are investing in their master bedrooms in order to achieve a calm, relaxing and tech free environment where they can unwind. Custom renovations for master suites include creating spa like bathrooms, light and airy colour palettes and a specific space for sitting to read or unwind.


How To Bring Trends Into Your Space

Remember, just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean it is right for your home. But if you are ready to renovate your home and infuse your space with new ideas, domilya GROUP can help. We’ll help you understand which trends are worthy of your renovation budget and how to get the space you’ll love for many years to come. Contact us to get started.