Tips for a Stress-Free Home Renovation

We know how stressful a home renovation can be – it doesn’t matter where you are, Oakville, Burlington, Milton or even another province or another country – renovations are major events.

At domilya GROUP we make it our priority to work closely with our clients to ensure they have a great experience with us – that means a stress-free home renovation. We believe it is possible to have a smooth and even enjoyable renovation!

Here are some great tips to ensure your next home renovation project is stress-free!

We like these 5 tips from Glen Peloso, a designer who spoke to the Marilyn Denis show.

  1. Create a realistic budget with a reserve portion: Take your time and create a realistic budget for your renovation. Do some research and talk to your contractor to figure out the cost of everything involved in the project – materials, labour, etc. To be safe, set aside 10-15 per cent of your budget as a reserve portion to cover any surprises – perhaps a light fixture you didn’t think would need to be replaced, an extra gallon of paint or a few extra hours of work. Ideally you won’t have to spend this money at all, but have it set aside just in case.
  2. PLAN: Planning is everything when it comes to a home renovation project. Take your time, consider all aspects of the project and make a comprehensive plan with your contractor and designer.
  3. Develop a relationship with your designer/contractor: Whether you’re working with a contractor, a designer or both, it’s important that you can get along with them. Though it does depend on the specific project, renovations tend to take a fair bit of time – at least a couple of weeks, but potentially a lot longer. Choose a contractor/designer you feel comfortable with, who you can communicate with easily and who you feel will keep your best interests in mind at all times.
  4. Follow the Design vs Function Rules:
    • Form Follows Function: Think about how you’ll be using each room and incorporate that into your plan. Just because a room was built to be a formal dining room doesn’t mean it has to be one if you’ll never use it – feel free to play with your space to make it fit your needs.
    • Design Style: Choose a style that suits your personality and keep it consistent throughout the house. Are you modern, traditional or transitional?
    • Design Trends: Be careful with trends because by their very nature, trends go out of style. Use trendy items or colours sparingly. An easy way to use trends safely is to start with a neutral permanent base that will remain current for years, and accessorize with trend colours using things that can easily be changed as needed, e.g. throw pillows, an accent wall, etc.
  5. Learn to cope with the mess: You may feel a renovation is a great inconvenience, and sometimes it can be. But it’s worth it – stay positive and think of how wonderful your home will be when the renovation is over. The mess won’t be permanent, your satisfaction will be.

We also suggest following these two tips of our own to ensure you have a great experience with your next home renovation project.

  • Communication: During the entire process, keep the communication lines open. That’s why at domilya GROUP we stay in close contact with our clients every step of the way. This ensures the client’s vision is being created and everything is going smoothly – for everybody involved.
  • Relax and Enjoy: Stay positive. If you feel yourself getting stressed out, find a way to solve any glaring issues and get rid of stressors – for example, talk to your contractor if you aren’t happy with a choice that’s been made. Then try to let things go. Take a break – leave the reno site and do something to de-stress. Remember this is a creative project. Have fun being involved in the process and watching your home get built. It may be a big event to deal with right now, but the result will be your dream home, your vision brought to life.

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