Top 10 New Years Resolutions For Your Home in 2017

When holiday season begins we start to think about years past that leads to thoughts about what we can accomplish in the New Year. The most common resolutions are often health-related, or about learning something new.

Did you ever stop to think about having a few resolutions for your home? Home is where you and your loved ones spend most of their time so it makes sense to take a few minutes and consider the goals for your home. How can you make your home more efficient, beautiful and a space you love to live?

Top 10 Resolutions For Your Home

  1. Streamline your stuff – or in other words, clear the clutter. An easy way to accomplish this is simply to go room-by-room and periodically clear out anything not being used. Storage – we all have useful, but not beautiful things like DVDs or remotes. Why not store these items in simple woven baskets or invest in customized storage units.
  2. Safe and sound – a new year is an excellent time to assess the safety features in your home. Consider buying a radon test kit. Check your carbon dioxide detectors. Clear out the dyer lint. Make sure your home is safe.
  3. Be prepared for entertaining – have a weekly system to keep high traffic areas clean and ready for those last minute guests. Invest in a new set of sheets for your new guest room or better yet, for all the bedrooms.
  4. Refresh one room in your home – make a commitment to repaint at least one room this year or why not try wallpaper? A great way to bring a room to life.
  5. Look at ways to save energy costs – weather stripping doors and windows is an easy and effective way to help keep your house warm during the coldest season of the year. High efficient and smart appliances can also help with a more efficient living space and reduce energy usage.
  6. Bring life into your home – well-selected and placed plants in key areas can have multiple benefits within your home. Not only do they clean the air, but are a great way to add texture and colour to any living space.
  7. Amp up the textiles – add colour by choosing area rugs, window coverings or simple throw pillows to showcase that newly finished living room.
  8. Is the flooring in your entryway looking worn? Spruce it up using some new tiling like terracotta or other natural stones.
  9. Look into ways to make your home have great flexible space for family living – how can a recreation room function to suit your growing family’s needs or your kitchen? Assess whether your space does what you need it to do.
  10. Check out the home design trends for 2017 in magazines or websites – this year why not pick one that would make your home unique? Bring a hobby you or your family loves into your home by using that underused space to build a wine cellar or change a recreation room into a multi-media theatre room.

Whether you need ideas to refresh your home or decide that 2017 is the year you want to renovate a specific area of your home, domilya GROUP is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and let us help you create your dream home.