Trendsetting Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Creating a spa-like experience and adding touches of luxury to your bathroom will garner enjoyment for you, your family and guests. It’s becoming increasingly popular among homeowners to choose renovating their current homes rather than move to a new location. The bathroom is one of the areas where a renovation can really help you add that personal touch to your home.

What Are The Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2017?

 Contemporary Feel

When you think of your bathroom imagine a spa-like room, with clean colours, seamless lines – try to create a contemporary feel while using organic and natural materials like clay and wood. Both features are becoming more popular this year.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities provide open storage opportunities while free standing wooden tubs is a unique feature now being used in bathrooms – items and materials that are easy to maintain while being stylish will make your bathroom stand out.

Think Bold

Splurge on items that will make your bathroom special – this is the room where you can have fun with the floors. Think about favourite bold, geometric pattern for the floor or clay sinks combined with brass and gold fixtures. Either of these will enhance your sensory experience in the bathroom.

Standout Shower

Showcase your shower – a statement shower with frameless glass door, patterned mosaics and brass fixtures will help create a beautiful space and a focal point for your bathroom.

Open Up The Storage

People are opting for open, built-in storage shelves to maximize the space in the bathroom. Use this space to showcase your brand new towels, soaps or even to keep plants. Floating shelves and ledges are other storage options that can really benefit any size bathroom.


Whatever ideas you have for your dream bathroom domilya GROUP can help make it happen. Working together we will come up with a viable plan for any bathrooms in your home from the master ensuite, to a child or guest bathroom, even a small powder room. With over ten years of bathroom renovation experience, our team is here to answer any of your home renovation questions. Contact us today, let us help you love the home where you live.