Turn Your Basement Into The Ultimate Entertaining Space

Do you love having friends and family over, but entertaining space is tighter than you’d like? Since most Oakville and Mississauga homes have basements, finishing your basement can not only increase your liveable space, but also enhance the quality time you spend with those that matter most. Even if your basement is already finished, there is still plenty you can do to renovate your basement and improve its functionality and make it the most popular place in your home.

Working with an experienced contractor who can bring creativity to your renovation means that you’ll never know the difference between your basement and the rest of your home. A properly renovated basement will include insulation and flooring to keep the space comfortable, beautifully painted walls, and even modern lighting options.


Ideas To Enhance Your Basement Renovation

When your goal is to convert your basement into an entertainment space you’ve always dreamed of, some top possibilities to consider include:

Home Theatre

Do you imagine hosting movie nights in your Oakville home but don’t have the right set up? Turn your basement into your very own home theater. Designing your new basement as a home theatre will allow you to incorporate everything you need for those perfect nights surrounded with popcorn, comedy, action, sports or romance. Choosing equipment and furniture that will perfectly fit the space, both from a usability and style standpoint, will not only add functionality to the space but increase your home value too.

The ultimate home theatre requires:

  • A proper ventilation system to keep all the electronic equipment from overheating
  • Surround sound speakers
  • Lights that dim
  • Wiring for internet and HDTV
  • Electrical for a projector
Bar Renovation Ideas

Building a bar as part of your basement renovation can provide your family and friends with a convenient and comfortable area to socialize together while having food and drinks. There are many options to consider when determining the design and features of your ideal bar.

Some of the most important features to include are:

  • A fridge. The space you have to work with will determine what size of fridge can be added into your bar area. A mini-fridge can be ideal as it will store adequate supplies while not taking up a significant amount of space. You may also want to install a wine refrigerator. A full sized refrigerator can be helpful if you have a big family or large social gatherings as it will naturally hold more food and beverages.
  • A sink. Including a sink means you’ll have access to a wet bar. Having a bar with a sink and refrigerator can provide a complete kitchen that enables your friends to make drinks, prepare food, and access water without needing to go to another part of the house. The sink can be installed directly into the basement wall or it can be placed in countertop of the bar.

Start Creating Your Ideal Basement Space

Bringing your dreams and ideas to fruition is what domilya GROUP does best.  Not only can we offer advice on how to make the most of your space during a basement renovation but we will also complete the work with the highest level of quality and professionalism.  100% customer satisfaction is our goal. Contact us for your complimentary consultation and let’s get started on transforming your Oakville, Mississauga or Burlington home.