Why You Should Upgrade To A Chef-Worthy Kitchen

When it’s time for a kitchen renovation, most people will create a list of options that they hope can be incorporated into the design. But even if you aren’t a master chef, adding chef worthy upgrades to your wish list is a smart idea for anyone who frequently entertains or host events in their home.  The kitchen is such a functional and centrally focused space, and can really up the options for entertaining when you take the time to complete a kitchen renovation that any culinary professional would love.

Creating A Kitchen For Cooking And Entertaining

Size is not a defining prerequisite for a great entertaining kitchen. Upgrades that make it easier to entertain can be done with any square footage.  However, if you have enough space for features like an island or butler’s pantry, these specialty features can make a world of difference when it comes to serving food and beverage easily.

As a home owner that enjoys cooking and entertains frequently, before you begin your kitchen renovation, seriously review the limitations of your current kitchen and then set goals with your kitchen contractor for the remodel. While there aren’t a shortage of upgrades and options a chef worthy kitchen can include, some of the top considerations are listed below.

Incorporate Space For Extra Appliances

Busy kitchens that host large groups of people need the appliances that can support the volume.  If possible, find spaces in your kitchen design for:

  • Double ovens
  • Double dishwashers
  • Warming drawers
  • A refrigerator that has drawers and specialty units for things like beverages and party size platters, and will give both you and guests better access to food and drinks.
  • Flat screen television that can play sports or news during gatherings.

Butler’s Pantry

Whether yours will primarily be used for meal prep, cleanup, or caterers, a butler’s pantry is the ideal space for keeping dishes and supplies out of site and allows you to worry about clean up later.  There has been a rise in demand for butler pantries, as entertaining and hosting events at home have become increasingly popular.

When creating your ideal butler’s pantry, make sure it is equipped to handle the demands of the types of gatherings that you host.  Bar space, prep space, storage space and even a dishwasher and a sink are customized options that can be added so that the space perfectly suits your needs.

Emphasize The Island

Work with your kitchen renovator to find the best layout that can include a sizeable island. If you have a cooktop as part of your islands, you won’t have to have your back to guests while you are cooking or preparing food. Adding extra seating to your island allows guests to be a part of the action and serves as another spot that can accommodate guests while entertaining.

Building The Right Kitchen

A well designed kitchen can make day to day life easier and hosting more enjoyable.  Building the right kitchen that allows you to create the meals and culinary experiences you want to share with your friends and family can make a big difference in how much you love your home.  domilya GROUP works with clients in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga and is ready to help you create a kitchen design that will make you eager to plan your next party.  Call us anytime at (647) 264-6387 to get your dream renovation started.