Bathroom To Feel Like an In-Home Spa

Want Your Bathroom To Feel Like an In-Home Spa?

Being able to really relax and recharge at home is important.  Luckily, feeling like you just visited a spa without leaving your home is not as hard as you think. With a few additions and some planning, your bathroom renovation can feel like a private oasis, even if you are short on space.

domilya GROUP has been helping clients in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton renovate their homes, turning dreams into reality, for more than 10 years.  If you are ready to renovate your bathroom, we can help you find ways to create more space, update fixtures and freshen up outdated designs, leaving you with the spa like retreat you’ve always wanted.

How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

With some design features and the right fixtures, including spa like elements in your bathroom renovation can be easily done.  Spa atmospheres are peaceful, clean and appeal to the senses.  In order to capture the right essence for your spa like space, consider incorporating the following elements into your bathroom renovation.


Installing ceiling pot lights that come with dimmer controls will allow you to set the mood. With the help of a dimmer, you can soften your lighting and get the spa-like feel when you need a soothing soak in the tub.  Adding a lighted mirror is another feature option the fits well with creating a spa environment in your home.

Deep Soaking Tub

This element is usually high on the list for almost any bathroom renovation.  And don’t worry, if you have a small bathroom, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub. There are options that include scaled-down tubs that are no longer than five feet, but deep enough to soak.

Natural Elements

Many spa environments include natural elements like natural wood, stone and marble. Ways to make stone a major feature in your bathroom include choosing a stone sink or adding stone to create a feature wall. Marble counters are another popular choice. Choosing natural materials will instantly add a clean and earthy feel to the bathroom.

Finishing Touches

Once your new bathroom space has been completed, add some luxurious towels and robes, candles, your favourite soaps and products and enjoy hours of pampering and relaxation. When you work with domilya GROUP for your bathroom renovation, you won’t have to worry and stress about the details.  Our transparent approach, backed by quality and professionalism, means you’ll be well on your way to relaxing and enjoying your new space as soon as we get started.  Contact us for your complimentary consultation.