5 Reasons To Hire A General Contractor Instead of DIY

If you want to do a kitchen renovation, a basement renovation, or really, any custom or home renovation at all, you have a decision to make. You have to decide whether you should hire a general contractor to manage the project or whether you want to take the task on yourself. There can be pros and cons to both methods, but the decision is one that should not be taken lightly. If you do choose to hire a professional, domilya GROUP can help. We are a qualified general contractor serving the Mississauga and Oakville area and take great pride in working with home owners to turn their dreams into reality.

When home owners are thinking of tackling home renovations on their own, the typical motivation lies in the following reasons – saving money and retaining control of the project. However, most people underestimate the time, effort and knowledge required to handle managing a renovation, which can result in spending more money and passing up opportunities to enhance your renovation.

What A General Contractor Can Do For You

Before you forge ahead with your own plans to handle your home renovation, it’s worth taking the time to read about what you might be missing out on when you elect not to hire a general contractor.

  1. Dollars And Cents.

While it’s true that if you you don’t hire a general contractor, you will save money by not having to pay their fee for service, consider the bigger picture. A general contractor usually has access to materials at a discounted rate and can also source items needed at a much faster rate. They also have more bargaining power for negotiating discounts with sub-contractors. While you may be able to find information that says you can save thousands of dollars being your own project manager, the amount of money you save is generally fairly small.

  1. Time.

A general contractor works full time hours. If you work a regular job or have a family, it can be time consuming to hire sub-contractors, follow up with the project and order supplies as needed. The amount of time needed to properly manage a home renovation project can add a lot of stress to your family and your everyday life.

  1. Efficiency.

When an inexperienced person takes on a home renovation project, expect delays. Your project can come to a stop if you miscalculate when supplies need to arrive, how much product you need, when permits need to be pulled or inspections need to be done. A general contractor knows how to efficiently manage project flow and how to predict what is needed and when. This helps to keep your project on time and also on budget.

  1. Experience.

Every renovation project comes with a big wish list. Without the help of a professional general contractor, you may assume you can pull off more than your house can handle or you may miss out on opportunities to add features and design elements that add value to your home. General contractors have a wealth of experience you can draw from and can really help you get the most out of your renovation budget.

  1. Safety.

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  There are a lot of safety elements that go into a home renovation. Making sure that things are up to code, installed safely, and designed in a way that will last are extremely important.  Do you trust yourself to know all the ins and outs of building regulations? A mistake can end up costing thousands of dollars and can even lead to injury.

Hire domilya GROUP For Your Home Renovation Projects

There are so many benefits that come from hiring a general contractor for your project. When you are looking for a general contractor in the Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington area, contact domilya GROUP. We provide administrative, design, project management, project supervision and technical expertise for home and commercial renovations. Our team is made up of industry experts, so you can rest easy knowing that there will always be a professional handling your project needs. Call us today at (647) 264-6387. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and explain what we can do for you.