5 Simple Renovation Ideas That Can Change The Look Of Your Home

Not everyone is an avid Pinterest user, but just about everyone does have renovation ideas in their head about how they would upgrade or renovate their home. It can seem overwhelming to try and narrow down which projects to undertake and what the best use of your renovation budget might be. If you are looking for simple renovation projects that can really have an impact on the look of your home, we’ve got some inspiration for you.

1. Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change the look of your home. This category can also include doing more than just a basic paint job – consider a bold accent wall or wall paper as viable options too. Paint can also refresh doors, cabinets and furniture too!

2. Front Entrance

Changing out your front door and your front entrance lighting can dramatically change the whole look of the exterior of your home. Add in a new decorative wreath or urn and a floor mat and you may be surprised at what a difference it makes.

3. Fixtures

Take a look around and evaluate all the fixtures that you no longer like, look dated or are in need of repair. This encompasses light fixtures, door hardware and faucets. Changing any and all of those fixtures is an instant update to the look of your home.

4. Kitchen Quick Fixes

If a major kitchen renovation isn’t in the cards, there is still plenty you can do to upgrade one of the most used areas in your home. Changing or adding a backsplash, changing the counter tops and the flooring will make your kitchen feel almost brand new. These simple renovations are the next best thing to a full custom renovation and can make you love your kitchen space again.

5. Outdoor Spaces

Landscaping your outdoor space is a great investment in your home’s curb appeal. Landscaping is often an overlooked option when it comes to home renovation. Planting a few trees is all well and good but there is so much more you can do. Raised garden beds, flowering shrubs, patio stones or a new deck are all options to consider. Putting some time and effort into your outdoor space can not only enhance the look of your home but give you an entirely new space to use and enjoy.

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