5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Decorating Your Living Room

When you see a beautifully decorated living room in a magazine or on Pinterest, it can be tempting to replicate it in your own home. While it is easier than ever to find places to gather inspiration and ideas, not all trends or décor may translate well into your living room space.

Before you decide to make décor changes in your living room, consider the following:


  1. Living room placement in your home.
    Is your home open concept or is the living room space closed off from other parts of the house? If you have an open concept home, you will have to be more conscious of the décor of adjoining rooms blending together. Paint colour often has to be the same throughout an open concept space.
  2. Purpose of the space.
    You are an entertainer, maybe having enough seating is a top priority. If you have kids using the space, storage and durability may be the bigger priority. Once you decide what you want out of the room, it will be easier to choose items that will support your purpose.
  3. Current trends.
    While you don’t want to create a space that is solely focused on trend, taking the time to discover what trends are current may give you inspiration and ideas you hadn’t thought of on your own. Some of the current top trends for living room spaces include:

    • Art ledges.
    • Gold and brass.
    • Bold rugs.
    • Sheer curtains.
    • Wood base furniture
  4. Room flow.
    The size of the room you have will impact the furniture that will work well in the space. For example, if you purchase furniture that is too large for the space, not only will it look cluttered but it will also be hard to easily move around the room.
  5. Budget.
    As with any project, setting a budget before you begin is important. You can either decide on the whole budget for the project or break it down and figure out how much you are willing to spend on each item required – couches, rugs, accents, etc.


Changing the décor is one way to enhance your home, but if you find that the space is just not working for you anymore, it may be time for a custom renovation. domilya GROUP has been renovating homes in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington for more than a decade and would be happy to discuss how they change your home to make it work for you.