Combining Colours for Great Style

A great way to spruce up your Oakville home is by bringing in some new colours. Just a coat or two of paint can do the trick. It can make a room feel brand new, fresh and updated.

Here are some great colour combinations to try out for a fresh, fun, new look (as suggested by HouseBeautiful magazine).

  • Yellow and black: This combo has some serious contrast going on. Definitely a striking pair. Try adding in some grey or taupe to soften the room and provide a background for yellow and black highlights – such as in the curtains.
  • Pink and orange: It’s definitely a lot of colour, but it might be perfect for a room in your house. The two shades pair nicely together, balancing each other out.
  • Black and white with turquoise/yellow: Black and white paired together go really well, but add turquoise or bright lemon yellow as an accent, and you’ve got a whole other thing going on! Or, pair both turquoise and lemon with the black and white for designer style.
  • Purple and red: Go with a mostly purple room and add a pop of red. You can do this with accessories, artwork or furniture.

Whatever colour combination you choose to go with, whether it’s one of these or your own idea, don’t be afraid to play with colour! There’s no need to make every wall in your house white or beige. Have fun with decorating!