Let Your Office Reno Help Create Your Workplace Culture

A commercial office renovation is more than just an opportunity to update your office’s design, improve workability, increase safety or simply add a few more desks – it’s a chance to completely recreate your office culture (or enhance an existing office culture that’s already working!).

Before you even begin your office renovation, take some time to think about your plan. Do you want to have cubicles or an open concept office? Long shared desks that foster conversation, or pod tables that encourage group collaboration? White boards could line your walls so presentations can happen easily and creative employees can work out their ideas. You could have lots of windows and natural light, or just a couple, depending on what people in your office prefer. Would an office kitchen be helpful, and if so, how sophisticated do you want to make it? Just a microwave and fridge, or do you want shelving for company-provided snacks? The list of possibilities goes on and on.

A major part of your commercial office renovation comes down to this question: What kind of office culture do you want to create? The space the staff members work in will greatly influence that. Is it a space they enjoy walking into every day? Is it a space they feel safe and physically comfortable in? What about ergonomics? What chairs will they be sitting in, what desks will they use, how will the glare of computer screens affect their eyes?

A good commercial contractor for offices will sit down with you and talk about your vision. It’s not just about creating a modern office or a functional office or an aesthetically pleasing office. It’s about creating a comfortable place that your staffers will be spending a large portion of their days in. They need to be able to work together, collaborate on ideas, complete projects on deadline and, ideally, get along. Yes workplace culture largely comes from the personalities of the people in the workplace, but you can help foster the workplace culture you want by creating an office space that facilitates it.

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