Comparing Soft Surface Flooring for Senior-Friendly Bathrooms

Choosing the right floor material for a senior-friendly bathroom in Halton-Peel is crucial. You want something safe, easy to clean, comfortable and durable. There are lots of options to choose from – just head over to your local home hardware store and you’ll see – hard surface flooring, soft surface flooring, water resistant flooring – what’s the right choice?

There are pros and cons to all the options so it’s really up to you and the senior(s) who will be using this bathroom, to choose the material that best fits your needs, your preferences, your space and your budget.

In a recent blog post, we took a look at water resistant flooring. We compared water resistant soft surface materials and water resistant hard surface materials. Today, we’re going to take a look at the wider range of soft surface flooring materials, which are not so water resistant, but do have some other favourable qualities. The biggest plus to soft surface bathroom flooring is the fact that it is gentler on bodies if they happen to fall.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from three soft surface flooring options, courtesy of an article.

  • Carpet: Good ole carpet – a classic bathroom flooring choice. It’s great because it’s soft, but the big downside is the fact that by nature, carpet absorbs water. For this reason, carpet is often avoided. You can buy water resistant carpet but no carpet material is going to be 100 percent impervious to water, mould and mildew. Regular steam cleaning will be necessary to keep carpets clean, bacteria-free and odour-free. Go with carpet if it’s the best choice for you, just keep in mind the cleaning and maintenance it will require, and who will have to do it.
  • Cork: Cork is a nice soft choice so it may be a strong contender for bathrooms used by seniors who are at a high risk of tripping and falling. Overall, cork is a good option in terms of resilience – it just requires maintenance. Cork needs to be sealed properly to be stain and water resistant, and that seal will need to be re-applied. Eventually, the cork will have to be replaced as moisture and humidity do degrade it over time. Think about the level of maintenance you’re willing to put into your bathroom flooring before making a final decision.
  • Padded Linoleum: Linoleum can be installed over a padded surface such as cork or foam, so there is a soft feel to the floor. Linoleum is similar to vinyl and is both easy to clean and easy to install. It’s also stain resistant. Linoleum is also made from natural linseed oil, so it doesn’t release Volatile Organic Chemicals that can negatively impact the air quality – something that is a downside for vinyl. The main drawback of linoleum is that it doesn’t hold up too well against water damage, so it may curl or warp in humidity.

So there you have it, some important details about soft surface bathroom flooring options. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel in Burlington, Milton, Mississauga or Oakville, and you need some advice or someone to do the job, give domilya GROUP a call at (647) 264-6387. We’ll give you a free consultation!