Luxury To Your Kitchen

Five Upgrades That Bring Luxury To Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations in Oakville range from gutting the entire kitchen to upgrading the cupboards, countertop and flooring. At the heart of every kitchen renovation is the desire to add more space and functionality, and to improve how your home works for your family. However, once you’ve planned out the basics, there are several ways that you can add luxury features to your kitchen renovation that will elevate the finished product and leave you with the kitchen space you’ve dreamed about.

Having completed many kitchen renovations in Mississauga and in Oakville, domilya GROUP has extensive experience in taking kitchen renovations to a higher level. Adding special touches to your renovation often begins with creating a renovation wish list and then working with your kitchen contractor to determine the best ways to incorporate each element.

Luxurious Elements Worth Adding To Your Kitchen Renovation

It can feel overwhelming when you need to decide on all the elements that will go into your dream kitchen renovation. But remember, keep the bigger picture top of mind and think about what you might regret if you opt out of some elements you’ve been dreaming about. If you need some inspiration on what can help infuse your kitchen with a luxurious feel, take a look at the five ideas listed below.

  1. Choose Bold.

Adding bold wallpaper, a ceiling height backsplash or statement lighting will bring instant glamour to a kitchen space, no matter the size. For example, pairing crisp white cabinetry and metallic handles, with bold design feature updates will make your space feel luxurious.

  1. Stay Open.

Where possible, removing walls to open up areas between kitchen, dining and living rooms to create a larger sense of scale creates a fantastic base for building a luxurious kitchen. The more space you have to work with, the easier it will be to add high end elements like a butler’s pantry or a coffee bar.

  1. Choose Drawers Instead Of Cupboards.

Regardless of whether you’re building a kitchen from scratch or giving your existing kitchen a facelift, high end kitchen designs are moving away from cupboards and focusing on drawers. In order to get those clean lines that denote luxury, things like utensil holders, spice racks and knife blocks are being tucked away to free up valuable space. In addition, structural technology has also changed, and drawers can now support up to 100 pounds, which means they can be used for large kitchen accessories.

  1. Go Modular.

The latest refrigerator technology is being adopted by luxury kitchens in the form of modular refrigerator systems. Where there used to be large, double-door fridges, high end designs are incorporating column-style fridge/freezers for perishables and built in refrigerator drawers elsewhere in the kitchen to store beverages.

  1. A Multi-Purpose Sink.

Traditional sinks are a basic option. Adding a multi-purpose galley-style workstation with a sink enables work space for two to three people, all of whom can be working on separate tasks at the same time. By adding this large-format sink with sliding accessories, you can use your sink as a cutting board or a dish rack, among other things. This luxury features adds huge functionality.

Start Your Dream Kitchen Renovation

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